J. J. Durham

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Beasts to Slaughter


April 1851.  Victorian London is in a fever, preparing for the Great Exhibition, constructing a spectacular 'Temple to Progress' - the glittering Crystal Palace.

When a murder victim goes missing from the morgue, Detective Inspector Harry Pilgrim never imagines that the trail will lead to the mastermind of the Exhibition, the Prince Consort himself.  Prince Albert's beloved project has been subject first to sabotage and now to murder.  Pilgrim is given the task of catching the culprits as quickly - and discreetly - as possible.

Unfortunately, discretion is not an option when Pilgrim's old ally Charles Dickens insists on getting involved.  



Psalms for the dead


When Inspector Harry Pilgrim is asked to investigate a case of blackmail, he thinks it will be easy enough to expose the suspect, a spiritualist medium. 

He is 'assisted' once more by Charles Dickens, who takes a keen interest in spiritual matters, and is determined to prove to the cynical detective that there is such a thing as life after death. 

To Dickens' dismay Pilgrim enlists the help of American duo the Devyne Brothers - stage magicians who specialise in exposing fake mediums. 

The investigation soon becomes a murder enquiry, and Pilgrim and Dickens uncover a scandal that forces them to question everything they believe in. 







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